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Generate timesheet automaticaly and store them in Cloud

With BadgeBox automated system, you can generate online timesheets via web Cloud solution. Timesheets are being automatically generated and contain a report of employees working hours, overtime, absences and vacations and may be downloaded ad Excel file. .
Once created, the timesheet can be approved manually or automatically by one or more responsible persons, depending on the administrator's settings.

The Time Capture App chosen by Large-Scale Enterprises and Startup

Day by day employees all over the World clock-in/out,
manage time-off and expense notes with BadgeBox.

A user-friendly and flexible platform, but mostly a cooperative and precious relationship: a team aiming to the same goal

Controller and operational manager

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The Business Management Software for Your Company

BadgeBox keeps track of company's performance and identifies losses in real time. This way, business management software allows you to optimize your resources, improve productivity and company's balance sheet.
BadgeBox simplifies human resource management. Assign activities, share online documents and manage real-time employee requests: vacation, time off, overtime, refunds.
BadgeBox calculates for you the daily, weekly, and monthly working hours. Preserve and store all the generated timesheet in Cloud. They will always be accessible in real time and from any place.
BadgeBox administers daily activities quickly and easily. You can schedule your business events and appointments, manage your customers and suppliers list, coordinate new teams and projects and keep track of your company accounting.
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In Cloud features for your company's management

Grow your business with the built-in features of BadgeBox.

Companies all over the world the world use BadgeBox

Badgebox is able to calculate the hours worked and the extraordinary hours of your employees

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