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Find hidden costs

By making an analysis of your business data, BadgeBox identifies profitable and non profitable projects and allows you to prevent loses before they make real

Automate employee time tracking within few minutes

Available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop), both when you are online and offline

Increase your productivity

Simplifies, automates your business administration and leaves you more time for your core business

Time tracking

Attendance tracking becomes a new, reliable and intuitive experience for your employees. Just a single tap and you are in the office. Clocking-in/out is possible even in case of poor internet connection, the attendance data will be online as soon as the proper internet connection is established. Automate timesheet submission and stop worrying about worked hours, overtime and reduced time calculation.
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Performance and Cost Center

Improve predicting and estimating projects by keeping track of their perfomances with BadgeBox. Keep track of your business performances in real time in order to locate losses and improve your business. Create invoices and manage payments in a click. BadgeBox allows the integration with QuickBooks, for a 360-degree business administration.
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Leave management
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Expenses notes
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Time and Invoice Management
Track your work time and generate invoices for free
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Timesheets, Invoice and HR Management
Start your 35-day free trial and let BadgeBox simplify your work.
After 35 days, you can continue using it for a monthly fee from 2.99 $ up to 4.99 $ per user.

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Can all companies use BadgeBox?

This product is applicable for all types of companies. Moreover, BadgeBox is compatible with other existing management systems thanks to data export that is available in various formats.

What are the costs of the service?

Personal use of BadgeBox is completely free. For a company, there is a free 35-day trial. The is no credit card required and you can cancel anytime. Once the trial expires, the price depends on the number of employees that use BadgeBox.

Can I use the service, even if all my employees do not have a smartphone?

Yes, BadgeBox is also available on desktop, besides, clocking-in/out is possible via shared tablet placed at the entrance of the office that can be used offline and online as a clocking machine. Moreover, users can clock-in/out with a unique traditional badge containing an QR code.

What happens if a user has no internet connection?

The mobile app is available in offline version as well. This way clocking-in/out is possible even in case of poor or no internet connection, the attendance data will be online as soon as the proper internet connection is established. Your employee can clock-in and clock-out simply by using the mobile app.

What happens if an employee forgets to clock-in?

In this case the employee receives a push notification that remembers him to clock-in/out, anyway if he forgets to clock-out, the system does it automatically after the certain number of hours defined by the system administrator.

What happens if an employee inserts wrong clocking data?

The system is able to detect when the check-in / check-out are done out in different places other than assigned, and immediately reports the error, allowing the user to correct the check-in data.

Are clock-in and clock-out data reliable and in real time?

Yes, clock-in and clock-out data are reliable thanks to the GPS system and all data is being stored in Cloud so it allows their visualization in real time.

How is the data protected?

All system data is protected by password and travels over secure channels. Furthermore, the application is compliant with laws and regulations regarding data protection directive.

Is it possible to use an existing BadgeBox account for a new employee in case of an employee resignation or turnover?

BadgeBox licences are not linked to specific employees, therefore they can be assigned to new employees in case of an employee resignation or turnover.

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