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Find hidden costs

By making an analysis of your business data, BadgeBox identifies profitable and non profitable projects and allows you to prevent loses before they make real

Automate employee time tracking within few minutes

Available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop), both when you are online and offline

Increase your productivity

Simplifies, automates your business administration and leaves you more time for your core business

Time Tracking

Attendance tracking becomes a new, reliable and intuitive experience for your employees. Just a single tap and you are in the office. Clocking-in/out is possible even in case of poor internet connection, the attendance data will be online as soon as the proper internet connection is established. Automate timesheet submission and stop worrying about worked hours, overtime and reduced time calculation.
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Performance and Cost Center

Improve predicting and estimating projects by keeping track of their perfomances with BadgeBox. Keep track of your business performances in real time in order to locate losses and improve your business. Create invoices and manage payments in a click. BadgeBox allows the integration with QuickBooks, for a 360-degree business administration.
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Other features

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Leave Management
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Expense Notes
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Online support

Fully integrated with

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