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I have a construction company with sites all over the world. Can BadgeBox help me monitor my employees and activities?

Simplify and automate the management of your constructions sites wherever you are

BadgeBox is ideal management software that allows you to supervise working progress. It allows you to maintain contact with site managers, coordinate teams and manage all phases of projects with significant cost savings and more time for business development.

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I manage a food delivery company. Is BadgeBox suitable for me?

Monitor your employees and projects easily and with no effort

With BadgeBox mobile app you can make delivery management even more efficient. For example, you can track the position of your couriers in real time, check the deliveries at any time and track work hours and overtime necessary for calculating their payroll.

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I have a construction company and I have to manage the absences of my employees

Your employees attendance data and leave requests in a click.

BadgeBox allows you to manage different types of absence, vacation, time off, or sick-leave. Thanks to our software you can customize the leave voices and keep track of employee balances, you can view the vacation plan or set alarms in order to be notified of potentioal surpluses.

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I am the manager of a cooperative company. Can I better manage my employees with BadgeBox?

Manage and automate shifts easily and effectively.

BadgeBox helps you improve your HR management. With our time clocking system and attendance data management you can arrange shifts, vacation plan and sick-leave for time-off requests.

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I'm in charge of an international staffing firm. Could BadgeBox help me with managing different employees abroad?

Gather the attendance data in Cloud for the payrol and overtime calculation, even by applying customized rules.

We believe it is the best choice for you! In fact, with our management software, you can manage and monitor all the activities of your local and international branches. Create different groups, assign tasks and generate automatic timesheets each week or month.

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I coordinate a network of sales agents. Can I track their activities with BadgeBox?

Assign different working locations to each employee or a team.

BadgeBox is your ideal solution to keep track of your workers on the go: thanks to the GPS and NFC technology, you can check in real time the work done by your employees and hours dedicated to individual customers.

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I'm about to open a startup. Why should I choose BadgeBox?

Control your business performance and maximize your profits

Because it is the best value-for-money management software on the market. And you can also try it for free to verify its ease of use and effectiveness. No credit card required for sign up. Keep track of your expenses and optimize your investments with BadgeBox right away.

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I have a catering chain. Can BadgeBox help me manage my franchise?

Organize your employees' working shifts in a simple and automatic way.

With BadgeBox's management solutions, you can easily control your entire franchise business: calendar of business appointments, clients and suppliers database and payroll of your employees. All in one dashboard.

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I am the administrator of a service company. Can I use BadgeBox to improve the coordination between offices?

Control your business performance and maximize your profits.

The BadgeBox HR management system enables the team management and the assignment of specific activities to individual employees. All this while keeping track of working progress, individuals and company performance.

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