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BadgeBox is a software company founded by a team of people ready to place their ideas and aware that, nowadays, the technology is able to offer solid solutions to common everyday problems.

From the moment it was launched in the world of business, our company has been offering innovative products led to to optimize all those slow and outdated business processes that still require attention. We believe in new technologies and in their ability to improve the quality of work, for this we offer our solutions both to freelancers as well as to companies. However, we always tend to bear in mind that behind each business reality lurk some people, each of them with their own needs and their own personal goals. It is the mingling of these two aspects that makes our work challenging, and this is what matters to us.

Since the BadgeBox foundation, we have achieved many results and have got fantastic feedbacks; it was the response from users has led our team to improve and to step on the way of the world market.

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