Privacy Notice

pursuant to Art. 13 of Leg. Decree no. 196 dated 06/30/2003 and later additions and modifications.

This application is managed and supplied by BadgeBox S.r.l.s., with registered offices located in Rome, Italy, at Via Corinto n. 31.

By installing and using the BadgeBox application, designed for mobile devices and PCs and accessible via Web, users agrees to the collection of some personal information and to the privacy policy on this notice.

This notice defines: the types of personal information collected, the goals and methods of processing and using such information, the entities with whom such information will be shared or, in any case, made visible to, the security system put in place to protect the data collected, the rights of those users who agree to the processing of their personal information, the use of cookies and, lastly, it indicates how to contact the developer for clarifications. Users must read and accept this privacy notice in order to obtain additional details on how the users’ personal information is processed before installing and using this application. If a user does not accept these terms, the user must stop using the application and remove it from the user’s device.

By agreeing to the present notice, the user provides his/her consent to the processing of personal data collected through the methods described below as set forth by the Code for Safeguarding Personal Information (Leg. Decree no. 196 dated 2003), which applies to the processing of personal information performed by anyone residing in foreign states, even outside Europe, and utilizing, for processing, means used within the territory of the State of Italy.

Types of information collected

Users who decide to use BadgeBox are required, upon registration, to supply some personal information intended to identify the user: the user’s first name, last name, gender and e-mail address, if the user is an individual; or the company name, address of the registered office and the VAT registration number (the so-called common data), if the user is a legal entity.

This information is mandatory for the operation and use of the application; one may also voluntarily submit other types of information, such as, for example, the user’s phone number, a photo or select the option to record and/or track the user’s location throughout the duration of the work day.

This application does not access the information input into the calendar or contact list of any mobile device operated by the user.

Please note that this application is not intended for or destined to being used by individuals younger than 18 years old.

Purposes for use of collected data.

The personal information collected is used to record and memorize the end-user’s sign-in and sign-out times, and, consequently, calculate the hours worked on a weekly and monthly basis, as well as calculate the overtime hours worked. Users using the application may also decide to load any invoices and documents related to accounting, and, as mentioned above, to allow their location to be visible, together with the various areas that user visited while performing work duties (places visited, accesses made and anything else connected with their jobs).

Uses of data collected.

The information provided will be processed in accordance with current law, in a legitimate way and according to principles of fairness; they will be collected and recorded for the aforementioned defined purposes (art. 11 Leg. Decree 196 dated 06/30/2003). When the user, after logging in, clicks on the Check in button, the system records the time of entry into the workplace and, at the same time, verifies if in fact the user is located within a 20- to 1000-meter radius of the aforementioned workplace. If the location is verified, the check-in procedure will be considered successfully completed; the data will be saved on the system and used as reference for the start of working activities. On the other hand, if the user is found to be located beyond the set radius of the workplace, or if the user’s geographical location cannot be identified, the system will label the check-in attempt as incorrect. If an incorrect check-in is subsequently followed by a successful attempt –because, during the second attempt, the user’s location is found to be within the aforementioned predefined radius- the previous unsuccessful check-in attempt will be automatically voided and only the successful attempt will be saved. Conversely, if an unsuccessful check-in is followed by another unsuccessful attempt, it will not be saved, and only the first attempted check-in will be saved as reference data.

Individuals with access to the data provided and disclosure limitations

The personal information provided by users, whether employers or employees, will always be available to the application’s developer, BadgeBox S.r.l.s., with registered offices located in Rome, Italy, at Via Corinto n. 31.

In regards to release of the information submitted, we must differentiate between the intended uses for the application: essentially for private use, that is to say being used for personal reference, or for uses in connection and agreement with one’s employer, who will have access to all data submitted. If the application is utilized for private use, the information will only be visible by the developer and the user; on the other hand, if the application is offered for voluntarily and discretionary use by the employer, the information will be visible and available by the user and developer, as well as the employer, acting as “admin,” and also those individuals that the employer shall select as such, however limited to and additional number of (3-5) individuals. The developer and the employer acting as administrator shall not provide the information received to third parties.


In order to protect personal data submitted by users through the BadgeBox application, all technical, organizational and security measures are implemented to avoid data loss or destruction. First of all, procedures are set in place to minimize unauthorized access to or disclosure of data.

The service may be accessed through a session and after a login procedure.

The information may be accessed only through authentication, using one’s e-mail and the password selected during registration.

All passwords are saved with an MD5 encryption system.

In any case, one cannot entirely eliminate the risk of inappropriate use of personal information by intruders; for this reason we recommend that users keep their passwords in a safe place and not share it with anyone. Users are also required to contact the developer immediately if they suspect unauthorized use of their password and other security violations.

User’s rights.

Users always have the right to know and view their personal information within the application and how this information is being used. Users may always request that their information is updated, modified or removed by submitting a request to the following e-mail address:

Users have the right to oppose the processing of their information for the purposes of sending advertising materials or direct sales or for performing market research or sales communications (art. 7 Leg. Decree 196 dated 06/30/2003).

What Are Cookies

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Disabling Cookies

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More Information

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Safeguarding other data present on your device.

The application guarantees non-involvement and the privacy of data and information inserted by users into the calendar or planner of their devices.

Changes to this notice.

This privacy notice may be modified or supplemented; however new versions shall be made available and may be viewed at and within the application, under settings.

Canceling service.

At any time, users may decide they no longer wish to use the application and, upon termination of use, the user’s personal information shall be removed from the application within seven days of the date of cancellation.

The user can decide, at any time, to stop using the application after which, his private information will be deleted from the application. Data relevant to company’s costs and revenues will be saved in order to generate reliable visualization of profit and financial performance.

Contacting the developer.

Users may, at any time, and without formality, contact the data processing supervisor at the following e-mail address: for clarifications and elucidations on the use, management and storage of one’s personal information. The data processing supervisor shall promptly respond to all requests (art. 8 Leg. Decree 196 dated 06/30/2003).